By the numbers, August 10, 2010.

April 20, 2010: The day BP operated Deepwater Horizon exploded.

11: Number of men killed the day BP operated Deepwater Horizon exploded.

1,470,000: Estimates of number of gallons discharged into the Gulf each day.

190,120,055: Estimate of total gallons discharged into the Gulf.

464: Number of sea turtles found dead.

60: Number of Dolphins found dead.

Brown Pelican Rookery

July 27, 2010 – Brown Pelican rookery with protective boom floating in water. Barataria Bay, Louisiana.

Oil Soaked Shoreline

July 27, 2010- Oil soaked shoreline on island in Barataria Bay; notice floating boom in front of island. Also this is an area where we were told you would normally see large numbers of Terns, Gulls and Pelicans, we saw only two Laughing Gulls.

Clean-up Crew

July 30, 2010 – Grand Isle State Park, Grand Isle, Louisiana – Cleanup crew at work. The 60 gallon plastics bags are loaded with only TWO shovels of sand. Yet more waste being generated by BP. Do you think they could use smaller bags? What about reusing the bags once they are emptied out?