Shawn Carey is available to present any of these slide and video presentations at your events, meetings or festivals. We can provide a full range of audio visual equipment depending on the size of the venue and audience. Contact Shawn to make show arrangements.


“Birders” turns the mic on a bevy of avian enthusiasts–a husband and wife team, a teenager, a woman, a sanctuary director. As they enthuse about their beginnings in birding, offering advice and anecdotes, the camera follows them in the field. This show is about people the enjoy watching birds. Seven people discuss why they bird as well as other interesting aspects about birding. Photos of these birdwatchers and a wide range of birds are accompanied by an original sound track. It’s a look at the lighter side of birding and we think you will find it to be informative as well as entertaining.



Come along with Shawn Carey as he explores Arizona… We’ll visit stunning mountains and canyon sites, meet the people, and see the birds… in beautiful Arizona. Take in the Grand Canyon, Sedona, and deserts dotted with rocks and cacti, doves and thrashers… Meet up with two local characters who know ocotillos from seguaros, and rattlesnakes as well as a great sunset… then we’ll focus on species like Montezuma Quail, Black-chinned Hummingbird, Phainopepla, Acorn Woodpecker and many others. These stunning photographs and Chris Duval’s evocative sound track will inspire you to visit amazing Arizona and experience its beauties first-hand.


“New England Wildlife”

Discover some of New England’s fascinating wildlife. We’ll net butterflies and dragonflies, look for mammals like White-tailed Deer and Eastern Coyote… spot birds like a brilliant Yellow Warbler or an elusive Yellowthroat… get close up and personal with wildflowers, frogs, snakes and turtles… As you watch the images dissolve from one stunning species to the next, and hear Chris Duval’s original all-natural, low-carbohydrate soundtrack. We think you’ll be inspired to pack your binoculars and head out to the nearest field, pond and bog!


Show Credits

35mm photography: Shawn Carey
Multi-image Programming: Jim Grady
Soundtracks: Chris Duval
Audio Editing: Sal Clemente
Audio Editing (“Birders”): Ken Lacouture
Narration (“Birders”): Steve Anderson
Narration (“Arizona”) Shawn Carey